Internet and OpenOffice Workstations



Userful workstations equipped with Internet, OpenOffice software, online databases and a variety of other software are available free of charge to library members.  You can reserve a station online, simply click on PRE-BOOK then enter your username (Multi Card number) and password.



Central Library



7 OpenOffice workstations for adults are located in the Reference Room.  A OCS station dedicated to printing is also located in the Reference area.




3 OpenOffice workstations for teens are located in the Teen Section.  A printing station is located near the photocopier (between the Teen and Children's sections).




4 OpenOffice workstations for kids are located in the Children's Section which is situated near the membership desk.  A printing station is located near the photocopier (between the Teen and Children's sections).

Valois branch

2 OpenOffice workstations and a printing station are located at the Valois Branch.




User access 

1.  Users must hold a valid Multi Card.*

2.  Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult.

3.  Registration is mandatory.

4.  Work sessions are individual for a maximum of 2 hours per day per member.

5.  The prescribed regulations pertaining to peace and order in the library apply at the Internet workstations.

6.  Any deliberate act causing damage to the computer equipment or to the software, or any other attempt to render the service inoperative, will result in disciplinary action.

7.  It is strictly forbidden to visit Internet sites of pornographic nature.  Library users not following this rule will, as a result, be denied access to the library's Internet service.

8.  The reference librarian administers the access to the Internet service according to the current rules, which have been approved by the library's management. When a Library member contests or does not respect these policies, the reference librarian may interrupt his/her session or refuse access to the Internet service.

* Visitors may check their mail upon requesting authorization from the reference librarian.





Pointe-Claire Public Library

Internet stations User Access Policy



Access to the Internet is reserved for library patrons with a valid Multi Card.


Work sessions are individual.


The user is entitled to a maximum of 120 minutes a day; however this period can be split up. The system begins to calculate the assigned time when the user begins his/her session.


It is forbidden to use the Internet stations for illegal, criminal or unethical purposes including copyright violation. It is strictly forbidden to consult Internet sites of a pornographic nature.


The library cannot guarantee the quality or precision of information accessible through the Internet. It cannot be held responsible for the security of financial transactions performed on the Internet.


Parents or guardians must assume complete responsibility for the use of the Internet by their children.  The library under no circumstance substitutes for a parent or guardian.


Users of the Internet must behave with respect and consideration towards others and respect the rules of conduct in the Library.


The library has the right to establish and apply user policies, including the posting of regulations, withdrawal of access privileges or to impose any other penalty to users who do not conform to protocols, policies and regulations in force.


* Visitors may consult their electronic mail upon requesting authorisation from the reference librarian.





A workstation can be reserved online at the library or from home.  Sessions are limited to 2 hours per day.  Library members wishing to use this service are asked to be on time. Your reservation will be cancelled if you are more than (10) minutes late.

The library reserves the right to revoke the privilege of making reservations for library members who generally do not honour them.





NOTE:  Printing documents is now done through the OCS station.  Cash is no longer used.  Instead, you will have to go to the circulation desk and request a credit on your Multi card.   

When you wish to print a document, you will have to enter your Multi card number. The OCS system will then automatically debit the amount from your card.  

Pages or screens may be printed at a cost of $0.25 per page in black and white and $0.50 per page in colour.

The library member assumes total responsibility for the dissemination of documents protected by copyright.


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